Knowing Your Stakeholders (Ed-Tech version)

One of the first keys to project success is knowing who your stakeholders are. If you’re new to a field, this is easier said than done. Every industry is more complicated when looked at from the inside. It can take time to connect all the dots of who’s who, not to mention how their interests overlap or conflict.

Education is no exception, so I contributed a post on how to find the stakeholders for education technology initiatives to the Edtech Handbook, a guide for ed-tech startups. K12 education in the US has the extra complications of players at multiple levels: district, state, federal, and even some in between. I hope this helps to clarify the picture for you – if not, let me know what questions you have!


About definitelyoutofscope

Jen has been delivering software and technology projects for over 15 years in roles in both the private and public sector, particularly for web and data systems in education.
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